Become a better CHURCH PIANO
PLAYER in just 20 DAYS and bless your church!

20 Day Church Piano Player is an online course designed for church piano players who want to improve their confidence, technique and style, and learn the theological foundations, pastoral perspectives, practical skills & musical instruction to become a better church piano player - in just 20 DAYS! Requires less than 1 hour per day, or go at your own pace.


For a limited time, 20 DAY CHURCH PIANO PLAYER will be available for the special introductory price of US$99 (usually US$139).

"Have to say I’m really impressed with the course content. Super practical on so many levels and the pastoral perspective insights are invaluable."

~20 Day Church Piano Player Student~

Do you feel lacking in both competence, and confidence in your role as the church piano player? You want to do the best job you can, and be a blessing to your church, but you don't know where to start?

Or... you're thinking about being the church piano player in your church, but the task seems overwhelming and you don't have lots of $$ for piano lessons, or the time to be searching YouTube for specific tutorials?

If this describes you, then 20 Day Church Piano Player is the solution you need.

Not only will you get musical tuition specifically geared towards church piano players, including many tips, and creative ideas - you will also learn the theological aspects related to church music, and benefit from pastoral perspectives on your role within the local church.

There are over 150 "bite-size" videos of content included in the course!


What's Included In 20 Day Church Piano Player

Easy simple easy to follow video tutorials
Daily Practiceff Exercises
Daily Practice Exercises
Daily Practice Exercises
Daily Practice Exercises
Daily Practice Exercises

"I have been hoping Kris would provide something like this to equip church piano players to learn how one does one of the most important things a church ever does – sing. Kris has the uncanny ability to feel the songs he is playing and lead the congregation into their flow. His sense of this will be a blessed help for his students to do the same."

~Scott Brown - Pastor & Director of Church & Family Life USA~

"As our church piano player for years, Kris has been amazing at leading the congregation in praise and worship to God, while not drawing attention to himself. He is an incredible teacher, pastor, and mentor. He is great at explaining things with simplicity and clarity. He has never made me (as a church piano player) feel incompetent and is always willing to share tips that will encourage others for the glory of God. By embarking on this course with Kris, you will find that he genuinely wants you to be a better church player for His glory."

~ Clarissa S - Christchurch, New Zealand ~

What You'll Learn In This Course

(an overview of the video modules & content)



  • Understanding your unique context as a church piano player

  • How to have the right motivation, mindset & goals in your role

Benefit: You will gain a broader, more foundational understanding of your role



  • A quick & practical recap on keys, scales, chords and playing from lead sheets

  • Tips on keeping time

Benefit: You will get a good refresher on some essential fundamentals



  • How to implement what you learn in this course

  • Learning routines that suit the time you have available

Benefit: You will learn flexible ways to maximise your practice time



  • Common ways we can hinder worship

  • Leading the congregation with minimum distraction

Benefit: You will be able to more effectively support and lead congregational singing

DAYS 5 - 7


  • Communication, managing expectations & dealing with conflict

  • Overcoming nerves and anxiety

  • Organizing & selecting your music

Benefit: You will become more efficient, and less hindered in your role

DAYS 8 -12


  • Effective intros/outros

  • Creative embellishments (LOTS!)

  • Fresh ways of playing chords

  • Improvisation techniques & seamless transitions

  • Much more (too much to list here!)

Benefit: You will learn many tips, skills & techniques that will significantly enhance your playing

DAYS 13 -14


  • Playing piano for communion, the offering, or when people are entering the service

  • Step-by-step tutorials for some classic hymn arrangements in a reflective style, and also learn how to improvise.

Benefit: You will be more competent in playing incidental music, always having some songs ready to play

DAYS 15 -16


  • Playing effectively as part of a music team

  • Supporting singers & soloists

  • How to lead a music team well

Benefit: You will be better equipped to play as part of a team, and with other musicians

DAY 17


  • Minimising stressful situations as you play piano in church

  • Dealing with overwhelm, and those "unexpected" moments

Benefit: You will be better equipped for the unpredictable, and challenging moments

DAY 18


  • How to use technology efficiently

  • Advice on using devices to read music, getting a good sound, and different types of keyboards

Benefit: You will better grasp what technology is/isn't relevant to your situation

DAYS 19 - 20


  • How to share your gift and be a blessing beyond the church walls

  • Keys to ongoing growth and development as a church piano player

Benefit: You will have the resources you need for constant and consistent improvement as a church piano player, and become a greater blessing to your church!

Sing praises to God, sing praises!
Sing praises to our King, sing praises!

~Psalm 47:6~

Within this course you will have access to over 150 videos of content covering everything you need to know as a church piano player.


Limited Time Introductory Offer

Meet Your Instructor

Hey everyone! My name is Kris Baines and I've been playing the piano in churches on and off for over 30 years - that makes me feel old! 

I basically took the skills I had, and through a lot of trial and error, gradually learned how to to support the congregation, and play in a way that helps (I hope!), rather than hinders worship. There weren't any courses I could take that were specifically for church piano players, and over the years I've realised how many unique aspects there are to that role, compared to playing the piano in any other setting.

There's nothing quite like the joy of being part of helping God's people adore and praise Him, giving Him the glory He deserves. It's a privilege, and a blessing I am thankful for.

Due to the loving encouragement of some special people in my life, I decided to take everything I have learned over the years, and package it all into an online course to help people like you - church piano players, or those thinking about taking up that role (it's a great decision to make and I'm sure you will be a blessing to your church!). One of the most helpful things about this course, is that you don't need to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on piano lessons (that likely don't deal with the specifics of church piano playing), or spend hours and hours searching YouTube for tutorials - you just need to put the time and effort into learning the essential concepts and skills required to play music in church, and support your congreation as they sing.

In addition to this, because I have spent 26 years serving as a pastor in a few churches, I understand the dynamics of congregational worship, from both sides of the piano. Because of that, I decided to make this course a bit different, and give you not just the musical instruction, but also the theological foundations, and pastoral pespectives, that really help you have a well-rounded understanding of being a church musician.

If you want to find out a bit more about me, you can check out my website krisbaines.com and as I've been an independent musician for some time now, you can also find my music streaming on all major platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Pandora (USA only). If you want to hear my "life story/testimony" you can listen to that here from a podcast hosted by Church & Family Life .

I was born in the UK, where I am now I am living with my wife Becky and 8 of our 9 children (one is married). However, until late last year we had been living in the beautiful country of New Zealand for 26 years where I worked as a pastor, paramedic, and pianist (all those 'p' words!). First and foremost, I am a follower of Christ, thankful to have been saved by His amazing grace, and then I'm a husband and father. After that, I get to help people like you play better, and bless your church!

Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you sometime soon on the course!

Who Is This Course For?

  • Church piano players who want to improve their confidence, technique & style - both for their own enjoyment, and to be a greater blessing to their church

  • Church piano players who want to have a broader, foundational understanding of their role

  • Anyone considering playing piano for their church, who needs some relevant tuition and guidance

Frequently Asked Questions

What skill level is this program for?

This course caters for various levels of piano playing ability. If you've had lessons previously, and/or can play some basic tunes, with both hands and in time, you're good to go. As long as you know your note names, basic piano technique, and have some playing experience, you will be able to take your playing to the next level, play in a style that complements and supports congregational singing, and actually sounds good too! The method that I mostly teach in this course, is that of playing chords from a lead sheet, rather than a from a fully notated score. There will be refreshers on the basics, so don't worry if you're a bit rusty!

Alternatively, if you are more of an intermediate player, or perhaps you can play from music, but you would love to learn how to play from chords, and embellish - you're the perfect person for the course.

This course is not teaching you how to play, but how to play better.

Do I have to complete the course in 20 days?

Definitely not! However, the course has been designed in a way that if you do work through the content methodically, over 20 days (you get the weekends off!), you will start to see results - and that will inspire you to keep making improvements. It should take you less than an hour a day to do this. But it's also totally fine to jump around the modules, looking at whatever seems most relevant to you, going at your own pace.

How long do I have access to the program & when does it start?

As soon as you've made the one-time purchase of 20 DAY CHURCH PIANO PLAYER, you will have lifetime acesss (I don't know if that's as long as you're alive, or me - maybe both!).

Can't I learn all of this on Youtube?

Well, probably not without spending hours and hours of your time searching for relevant tutorials. This can be a very disorganised way of learning, but with 20 DAY CHURCH PIANO PLAYER, you have everything you need in one place - for life! Youtube can be great to supplement your learning (because I don't know everything and there's other good instructors out there!) but with this course you will get a comprehensive learning experience of relevant and specific skills.

What kind of music do you play/use in the course?

Something that was very important to me about putting together this course, was to make sure it revolved around only biblical sound church music. Most of the tutorials will feature sections from traditional hymns, but playing in a more fresh/contemporary way - not super modern, and not old and stale - you get the idea! I'll also use some modern biblically sound worship songs/hymns that have been a blessing to the church in recent years. I intend to add more of these to the course, but due to copyright issues, I need to be careful what/how much I use. The great thing is, I'm teaching you tips and techniques that you can apply to any music you play!

Do you offer any deals for churches/families with more than one piano player?

Absolutely! I recognize that in churches and families there may be more than one person who plays the piano, so here's how it works: For every course purchased at the full price, you can get up to 3 additional "seats" on the course for only US$20 per person. This gives each person their own unique login details to the course, and the ability to track progress individually. To get this offer, please just contact me when you've purchased the course, and I will send you a link to add the additional students - simple!

Is there a guarantee?

Absolutely! 20 Day Church Piano Player has a 10-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not completely SATISFIED by the 20 Day Church Piano Player Program, then contact me within 10 Days (starting from official release on 31 May) for a full refund, no questions asked!

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